Introducing PPC's Coaches & Staff



Judy Hoarfrost

Judy was a member of the US National Team for a decade and represented the USA in numerous World Championships and international competitions. She was a member of the “Ping Pong Diplomacy” Team that made history in 1971 when they toured China and met Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. She was many-times a US Junior Champion, 2-time US Senior Champion, a 3-medal winner of the Pan Am Games, and 2-time Oregon Champion for both Men & Women. Judy has spent a lifetime promoting the sport of table tennis, and has conducted hundreds of table tennis exhibitions and clinics. Judy was inducted into the USA Table Tennis Hall of fame, as well as the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. She is the owner of Paddle Palace Table Tennis Company. 


Ryan Hoarfrost

Ryan is one of the top players in Oregon.
An active 2200-level tournament player, he competes in regional and national tournaments, including the US Open and
US Nationals.

Ryan has traveled to numerous World Championships and is inspired by the high-level international players he has met. As a full-time key Manager at Paddle Palace Table Tennis, Ryan is an equipment expert who continuously tests rubbers and blades. 


Xia Jiwei
Head Coach

PPC's full-time Head Coach, Xia Jiwei has outstanding success as both a competitor and as a coach in three countries: China, Japan, and USA. He is the highest rated player in the region, with a current USATT rating of 2650. Jiwei was a member of the Beijing Men's Team before attending school in Japan where he won national titles, and was a trainer and coach for the Japanese National Women's Team. He originally came to the US in 2011 as a trainer at the US National Team Training Camp, and has been a successful coach in the USA since then. 

Although he is an outstanding player, Jiwei's first passion is as a coach. He has an intrinsic understanding of the sport, employs effective modern coaching techniques, has special insights into the traits of each individual player, and has a special ability to communicate so each student has optimal results. 

Jay 1.JPG

Jay Crystal
Director of Operations

Manager at PPC, Jay takes care of members, runs Corporate Events & Tournaments, assists coaches with classes, plus he provides private lessons.

Jay played as a junior at the original Paddle Palace Table Tennis Club in the 1970's. He was three time Oregon Singles Champion, two time runner up, and nine time Oregon Doubles Champion. He teamed up with Paddle Palace owner Judy Hoarfrost to win the 1979 National Collegiate Mixed Doubles Championship, and they also won the 1998 Nike World Masters Games Over 40 Mixed Doubles. 

Jay was a top ranked Pacific NW table tennis player for 23 years before taking an 18 year break to raise his family of five kids. He is thrilled now to be the manager at PPC!


Sean O'Neill

USATT Hall of Famer Sean O'Neill is one of the most decorated coaches and players in the US. We are thrilled to have him as one of our coaches. Sean also coaches some group classes, and works as Media and Marketing Manager for Paddle Palace. Credentials:  

  • US Men's National Team Member (1983 - 1995)

  • Two time Olympian (1988, 1992)

  • 5-time U.S. Men's Champion
    (1991, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1985)

  • US Table Tennis Paralympic Team Coach (2004, 2008, 2012)

  • 2006 World Para Championship
    Head Coach

  • 2007 USATT Hall of Fame Inductee




Christian Lillieroos

Christian works at PPC as ITTF–PTT Course Conductor, 1-on-1 Coach, & as an organizer of many other Training Camps. Coach Christian has taught over 1,000 coaches over the span of 45 ITTF level 1, 2 and 3 courses hosted in 23 different countries:

  • Certified ITTF Level 3* Coach

  • Coached 7 World Champions

  • Produced two instructional TT DVDs

  • Head Coach for Texas Wesleyan University (won 16 NCTTA Titles)

  • USATT Coaching Development Director

  • USA Mens' National Team Coach

  • Head Coach, 92 US Paralympic Games

  • Head Coach for Men’s and Women’s Team of Mexico for 4 years

  • In Sweden, Head Table Tennis Coach at an Elite College for 16–20 year-olds

    Christian speaks over eight languages.

Dan Hoarfrost-crop.jpg

Dan Hoarfrost

Attorney in private practice for over 40 years.  Aspiring and slowly improving table tennis player.  Married to table tennis legend, Judy Hoarfrost, since 1980 and proud father of Ryan Hoarfrost.



Jen Beeler

Tarek Katbi

Chase Melby