2019 Season Tournament Schedule & Results:

  • September 7th —2019 Oregon State Championships

  • October 5th, 6th— PPC Fall Open

  • November 16th, 17th PPC Holiday Open

PPC 2 Person Teams and Giant RR Results

2 Person Team Event: 1st Place Ryan Hoarfrost and Hung Ho, 2nd Place John Emoto-Tisdale and Jonathon Mann

Giant Round Robin Results: 1st Jiwei Xia 9-0, 2nd Jay Crystal 8-1, 3rd John Emoto-Tisdale 7-2, 4th Jonathon Mann 5-4, 5th Marcos Sulisto 4-5, 6th Peter Fleischmann 4-5, 7th Gerek Strickland 3-6, 8th Harish Sankaranarayanan 2-7, 9th Paul Sample 2-7, 10th Harry Chavetz 0-9.

Thanks to all the players for a great day of competition and camaraderie!

PPC Rose City Open

  • June 1st and 2nd

    • Results:

    • U4200 Doubles Kenichi Sakamoto / Kevin Nguyen def. Ryan Hoarfrost / Hung Ho  

    • U3000 Doubles RR 1.Chris Opocensky / Leezan Da 2. David Edwards / Gene Kleinschmidt 3. George Teodorescu / Jeffry D. Schultz4. Gerek Strickland / Harold Sun

    • Open Singles Jiwei Xia def. Zexuan Wang  

    • U1500 Aditya Venkat def. Sayan Saha  

    • U2200 Keenan Southall def. Ryan Hoarfrost  

    • U1700 Joel Sommer def. Jae Kauffman  

    • Unrated RR 1. Douglas Hoy 2. Jean-Luc Raffaele 3. Ben Zhang 4. Sheridan Zalewski

    • U3600 Doubles Suraj Sindia / Alexander Badmaev def. Long Shiue / Zhongkai (john) Xu  

    • U2400 Doubles John Kwak / Sung Choi def. Jeff Wang / Iton Wang  

    • U1900 Pradeep Anthony Roy def. Sridattha Palwai  

    • U1300 Jeffry D. Schultz def. Jens Prussnat  

    • Over 40 Paul Sample def. Duane Smith  

    • Juniors Cheery Zhang def. Nachiketh Narendran  

    • Under 1100 Jonathon Mann def. Brent Wojahn

  • August 10th and 11th PPC Summer Open—Giant Round Robin and 2 Person Team Events

  • September 9th and 10th Oregon State Championships

    • Register at https://www.omnipong.com/t-trourney.asp

2018 Oregon State Championships Results

Over 40 Singles
1st - Samir Patel
2nd - Hrishi Bhalwankar

Over 60 Singles
1st - Jay Crystal
2nd - Duane Smith

Open Doubles
1st - Jiwei Xia/Ryan Hoarfrost
2nd - Hau Lam/Jay Crystal  

Open Singles RR
1st - Jiwei Xia
2nd - Ryan Hoarfrost

Junior Singles RR
1st - Dean Schultz
2nd - Kevin Nguyen

Women’s Singles
1st - Simone Yang 2nd - Judy Hoarfrost


Full results can be found on OmniPong.com
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Great playing, participants!