2018 Season USATT–Sanctioned Tournaments:

  • April 14th–15th: Paddle Palace Club Giant Round Robin & Teams Tournamen
  • August 18th–19th: Paddle Palace Club 2018 Summer Open
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  • September 8th: Oregon State Championships (Tentative)
  • October 6th–7th: Paddle Palace Club 2018 Fall Open


2018 Paddle Palace Club February Open Results

Open Singles:
1st Place – Xia Jiwei (PPC Head Coach)
Runner-up – Ryan Hoarfrost (PPC)

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You can read all about the Tournament in a feature article of the USATT Insider here!

2017 Paddle Palace Club Spring Open Results

U3200 Doubles:
1st Place – Michael Groom & David Helman (WTTC)
Runner-up–Dean Schultz & Andrew Matteson (PPC)

1st Place – Nicholas Daescu (PPC)
Runner-up – Jay Crystal (PPC)

1st Place – Sarit Roy (PPC)
Runner-up – David Edwards (WTTC)

1st Place – David Ching (PPC)
Runner-up – Emily Merryman (ATTC)

1st Place – Murad Pirani (PPC)
Runner-up – Rob Lafollette

U4200 Doubles:
1st Place – Andrew Matteson & Jiwei Xia (PPC)
Runner-up – Ryan Hoarfrost & Hung Ho (PPC)

Open Singles:
1st Place – Ryan Hoarfrost (PPC)
Runner-up – Jason Chen

1st Place – Scott Lipscomb (WTTC)
Runner-up – Max Nasab (SPTTC)

1st Place – Brian Chia (SPTTC)
Runner-up – Phil Schock (PPC)

Over 40s:
1st Place – Nicholas Daescu (PPC)
Runner-up – Jay Crystal (PPC)

1st Place – Richard Chang
Runner-up – David Helman (WTTC)


2017 PPC Inaugural Winter Open Results

U4200 Doubles:
1st Place – Ryan Hoarfrost & Hung Ho (PPC)
Runner-up – Dean Schultz & Jiwei Xia (PPC)

Open Singles:
1st Place – Hau Lam (PPC)
Runner-up – Brian Chia (SPTTC)

1st Place – Jamaine Kanji
Runner-up – Shair Kanji

1st Place – Alex Melekhov
Runner-up – John Ochsner (SPTTC)

1st Place – Adwait Purandare
Runner-up – Samir Patel

U2800 Doubles:
1st Place – Thomas Nam & Jae Kauffman (PPC)
Runner-up – Dean Schultz & Jeff Schultz (PPC)

1st Place – Ryan Hoarfrost (PPC)
Runner-up – Valeri Kim (SPTTC)

1st Place – Sarit Roy (PPC)
Runner-up – Samir Patel

Over 40:
1st Place – Jay Crystal (PPC)
Runner-up – Matthew Barnes (WTTC)

1st Place – Phil Ochs (PPC)
Runner-up – Dena Fowler

Full results can be found on OmniPong.com
(sign-in as a member --> click 'tournaments' --> select NW region --> click 'results' button for PPC Inaugural Winter Open)

Great playing, participants!