PPC Junior Team

Lead by Junior Head Coach Sean O'Neill, PPC is very proud to be home court for our amazing Junior Team. The 2018 roster is: Cheery Zhang (Team Captain), Kevin Nguyen, Ethan Kuan, Dustin Leung, Brinnan Smith, Zak Riccelli, Raymond Shi, Nathanael Burley, Hiro Hoshino, & Alex Gledhill.

  • The PPC Junior Team Program is on summer hiatus: Juniors have the fantastic opportunity to continue their training with our Summer Camps

The price of the program (per 2-month season) is: $375 (total value of $488). The PPC Junior Program includes:

  • Two Months worth of Junior Membership ($80 value)
  • Two Classes/Week: Thurs 4:30-6 pm; Sun 9-10:30 am ($270+ value)
  • Two Half-Hour Private Lessons w/ Coach Sean
  • Two Youth-Size PPC Performance T-Shirts 
  • Two Juniors–Only Tournament Entry Fees 
  • Two Entry Fees for One USATT Tournament

    The PPC Junior Program runs in 2-month seasons. Special rates for special situations are as follows:
  • $295 for 2-month season if Junior membership already active & paid for.
  • $125 if the Junior player can only play once a week (this does not include membership).

Coach Sean will also provide each Junior Team player with personal evaluation reports each month to track their progress. The last Sunday of each month will be their Juniors-only Tournament (non-sanctioned), from 9-5 pm.

If your child cannot commit to the full program outlined above, then they are welcome to play as a drop-in student for $17 per class (in addition to paying the $40/month Junior membership). Non-member drop-in fee is $27. Drop-in students are coached separately by an ITTF Coach.

Please let us know at your earliest convenience if your child wants to be a part of PPC's rapidly growing Junior Program. This is the highest quality Table Tennis Junior Program in the Pacific Northwest, so all of the students will experience rapid improvements in their ability.

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