Drop-ins are welcome and open play will almost always be available.

Please call or check online for table availability. While we will make every effort to reserve tables for open play, limitations may occur during scheduled programs and peak hours. All non-members must pay a drop-in fee.



Walk-ins are welcome! Members and players participating in scheduled programs have table priority. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

The drop-in fee for guests (non-members) is $12 per person, $10.00 for Juniors. Any table reservations are additional to the drop-in fee. Members do not pay drop-in fees.

If tables are all in use, check in with staff and/or challenge others on unreserved tables. To challenge a table, inform the current players that you'd like to challenge. Staff will work hard to ensure you get sufficient playing time. 

Please review our Calendar page and/or log in to check table availability before planning walk-in play. Feel free to contact us too.

Rates & Hours

$12 drop-in fee, Juniors $10 from 1pm-10pm M-Th, 10-10 Fri-Sun

Free play every day!